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tirsdag den 19. januar 2010

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Hello fellow online friend

This site is created to help you get your online internet adventure started.

I remember the first time i went online i was thinking WHAT IS THIS ? i just didnt get it, and i certainly had a hard time figuring it out, i hope this site will make it a little easier for you than it was for me.

first of all i suggest you set up an email adress, you can do this very easy and free, i suggest you get your mail adress at or G mail an email adress is a very importent thing to help you communicate with your friends, family, business interrest etc. The next thing i highly recommend is that you create a profile at facebook is a social media site wich let you interact with family and friends millions of people world wide use it and couldnt live without it :-)

well to see the internet you need a browser (you are using it now to see this) the browser is the window you are looking at the internet from, the 2 most common browsers are internet explorer and mozilla firefox they are both very good, but if you are managing an online business i suggest you use firefox, you can install "add ons" for business purposes in firefox which is quite good, 2 common are "pagerank" and "alexa" the pagerank tool is made to tell you how high a website is ranking on the internet, if a site ranks high it often means that its a good site and popular too, the pagerank scale goes from zero to ten, the alexa tool estimate how many visitors a website a has.

a little info www stands for World Wide Web, and com is the ending of a domain name com is also another word for computer or port a website adress consists of, www a domain name, and com its a very traditional thing that the domain name refers to the websites content but its not always like that some uses their bisiness name in the domain name etc. a domain does not always end with com it can also end with net, org, info, biz, ws, tv, cc, me, name.

http stands for hypertext transfer protocol and www stands world wide web these to words are among the most basics when surfing the internet a webiste url begins with http://www.

after the www is the doamin name the domain name can in other words be called the domain "house" name : example as you see the domain name mostly reffer to the products/things you are looking for (in this case MUSIC DOWNLOADS) and it is between the www and the com the www

the http:// is mandatory its always in the domain/website name but anyone can choose whatever domain name they like as long as it is not taken by another webmaster.

If you wish to register your own domain name and build a website you can use services as bravenet

most of them have a easy website builder tool and its actually not that hard if you have the will to try.

The internet consists of over 5 billions websites in many different languages BUT dont let that scare you google hava a great translation service google translate if you need to translate a website all you do is copy/paste the document you wish to translate into the "translate" field at the translate service and there you go... you can choose to translate to almost any language you can think of. If you want a more tecnic description of the internet you can find it here wikipedia

another importent thing you will need is an online banking account you can get one for free here PAYPAL!

this site is made to help you finding what you are looking for on the internet all the adds displayed and the search tool displayed on this site is kindly sponsored by google for making it easy finding what you are looking for

if you use the google search bar then you dont have to write www just use the keyword for whatever you are searching for what you do when you do that is that you enter a "keyword" a "keyword" is the word that describes best what you are looking for if you are looking for cars then you type cars in the search field if you are looking for auctions then you type auctions the google search engine will then come up with ideas to what you are searching for these ideas/results are normally very accurate. www com wish you good luck in finding what you are looking for.

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